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Some photos

It can be easy!

So, if you read the bit before, 'some drawings', you'll know that out of adversity comes triumph (okay, a bit of an exaggeration but you catch my drift.) The main bit I'd been struggling with, apart from the whole thing, was the amount of drawings I needed to do, as well as the detail required to make them sort of interesting.

Taking Cucumber's idea, I spent hours searching through photos on my computer, and then hours trawling the streets taking pictures of random stuff. After that I put the drawings and photos together on my computer and, 'hey presto', I'd come up with something passable. The funny thing is, and a lesson I am bound never to learn, when you have a problem, the answer is often right in front of you (that's why it's so easy to trip over).

Below, are a few random photos taken along the way. If you've already read Disappearing Act you'll probably know what, where or who these photos represent.

Can you get 20 out of 20?* (to get the answers click on the first picture and scroll through.)

 * I know, not the most exciting game ever but at least I'm trying to make this entertaining!

Disappearing Act, an image of Edward and Nicky Dealer, and Cassie and Cucumber Cycle.